Welcome to Kaleidoscope Conversations with your Host Rev. Dawn White and Special Guest Rev. Dawn R. Price, Executive Director of the Sophia Project

Topic:  The Sophia Project

In this episode Host Rev. Dawn White welcomes special guest Rev. Dawn R. Price to the Kaleidoscope Conversation.  Tune in as Rev. Dawn White shares her story and journey with The Sophia Project and how the organization's help young women in the community.  The Sophia Project, Inc.’s envisions young women who are individually secure and socially engaged, globally conscious and community focused.  Participants of The Sophia Project, Inc. are BOLD, CREATIVE, DARING, and CONFIDENT.  These young women are effective leaders among their peers, ready to dispatch their gifts in the community.  Graduates of The Sophia Project, Inc. are aware of how her relationship with self and others necessarily impacts her decisions and ability to be a successful and valuable member of her community.

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