Welcome to the OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show for another Special Open Air Episode!

Topic: Care Therapy:  it’s a girlfriend, sister friend, boyfriend, husband, co- worker, family group session. 

In this Open Air Convo you (listeners/viewers) and I, will discuss what’s on our mind. I want to focus on “Care-Therapy.” What can we do when we can’t go to a therapist, your hairstylist, barbershop or your girlfriends or brother man’s  house to have a glass a wine, or juice, a can of beer, or water and talk it out? What can you do? Let’s unpack ways to let’s off some steam, untangle some thoughts, stay married AND keep the kids from living in an eternal “time out.” We can not only keep this car on the road but we can steer it to its proper destination without having a wreck!   Let’s  move forward together.   Tune in Lean in Listen up!

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