Welcome to the Kathy Hood Show with Special Guest Kimberly Thomas Massey, CEO, Claim-Life.

Topic:  Unleashing to Impact - The Exhorter 

As a part of the Take Authority - Unleash Your Power show series Host Kathy welcomes special guest Kimberly Thomas Massey to the conversation.  They will talk about the "gifting of spiritual gifts" what they are and how knowing your spiritual gifts can propel you naturally into your life purpose.  Kimberly will share her spiritual gifts and how they have impacted and improved her life for the better.

Kimberly Thomas Massey has over 20 years of experience as an insurance claims professional with a comprehensive background in project management, communication, and customer service related to personal and commercial insurance property losses.Although her corporate career provides service to customers, underwriters, and brokers, her God-given gifts are to inspire, empower and guide individuals towards living their best purpose-filled life. As the Founder and CEO of Claim-Life, Kimberly has established a movement that ignites sustainable personal and professional development to individuals through coaching and empowerment speaking. She masterfully listens, guides self-exploration, and sparks actions that result in individuals evolving into the people they desire to become.

The opinions expressed durng this broadcast is for inspirational, information and motivational purposes.

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