Topic:  The Death of the "Angry Black Woman."

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In this episode Host Jackie welcomes Pastor Jameliah Young-Mitchell to the Women Are Worthy conversation. " Car Chronicles" creator Pastor Jameliah Young- Mitchell speaks to women world wide. With over 400,000 Car Chronicle followers Pastor Jameliah Young-Mitchell delivers God's word to teach, inspire, affirm and empower women that they are worthy.  Pastor Jameliah Young- Mitchell will break things down for you on how she decided to STOP being a victim and not being labeled an angry black woman.  Pastor Jameliah Young- Mitchell will talk about how her faith has allowed her pain to become her purpose.  You do not want to miss this episode, It is going to change your life. The opinions expressed during this broadcast are for inspiration, information and edutainment only.  This podcast is a production of Up2Me Radio.  To learn more about our network, this podcast, Host Jackie and guests please visit the Women Are Worthy Podcast show page at

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